BUILDPLAST-PJS POUR GRADE is a high performance. self leveling chemical resistant elastomeric joint system. Due to its high polysulphide polymer content, it is resistant to many chemicals. shrinkage, aging, thermal stress and the effects of outdoor exposure. It is highly resilient and has excellent recovery characteristic after extended period of compression or elongation.

  • Concrete Roads and Highways
  • Rigid Pavements in Roads and Airports
  • Potable water retaining structure
  • Floor joints in buildings

4 x 4 kg in a carton and 4 x 6 kg in a carton. Shelf life is 12 months from date of manufacturing in unopened condition.

Joint surface to be applied should be clean dry and free from loose material, dust oil or
grease Apply appropriate quantity of BUILDPLAST PRIME primer. Empty out the curing agent sachet in to the base in the can, use a slow speed drill machine mixer fitted with a spiral stirrer and mix for 10 minutes. The product is ready to be used when you get a uniform smooth paste without any streak of grey or white colour. Install a backer rod in the joint to be applied with sealant Pour or gun (with a conventional cauling gun) the mixed sealant in the prepared joint. Sealant will get leveled in the joint. Please refer detail Sealant Application Guideline.

The curing agent contains Manganese Doxide. The base is labeled as “Irritant” and curing agent is labeled as “Harmful” For further information please refer to MSDS or contact Technical Service Department.

Curing time                : 7 days at 20’C

Colour                          :  Grey

UV Resistance            : Good

Weathearbility           : Good

Chemical resistance : Resistance to most alkalies & dilute acids. petrol, diesel or jet fuel                                             and many solvent and vegetable oils.

Flammability             :  Flame and fuel resistant as per BS specification

Service temparature : -40’C TO +80’C

Primer ordering quantity estimation Approx. 60 meters per 250 ml tin (Depends on joint size). Apply BUILOPLAST PRIME porous primer on surfaces as follows Brick, concrete. natural stone, stained timber frame, glazed tile (unglazed edge).

Joint widthDesign Joint WidthJoint DepthWidth to depth ratioMovement factor
Minimum - 6mm
Maximum - 50mm
Floor Joint : Expected movement X 4.33Porous surface :>12mm
Maximum : 25mm
1 : 1 for floor jointsFloor joint : 30%

BS – 5212 1990 – Type FB(Fuel and Flame resistance) for cold applied joints sealant system for rigid of Road Transport and Highways (MORTH) specification for road and bridge work clause 602.2.8 and clause 602.11.4 state that cold applied two part  polysulfide sealant shall meet BS -5212 : 1990.)

Anticipated life : 20 years + Correctly applied, the sealant should not require maintenance However, sealant that has become damaged can be replaced by cutting out the effected area, cleaning and priming the joint surfaces and applying fresh sealant as in the original manufacturers specification.

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