M/s. Karavali Build Chemical Pvt. Ltd., Kumbashi 576257 Udupi District, Karnataka, India. Is registered under R.O.C. Bengaluru in 1994. And started manufacturing waterproofing & range of construction chemicals admixture.

  A company well known for its high standards of quality & service. BUILDPLAST® range construction chemicals and waterproofing compound has 12/03/1995 ISI mark. BUILDPLAST® – 100 plasticiser & water reducing admixture has been tested by M/s. For Steel Research Foundation in India, Bengaluru & BUILDPLAST® SP, Super Plasterer and water reducing admixture has been tested by M/s. Tor Steel Research Foundation in India, Bengaluru. 

The Company products are manufactured by using latest technology & selective high quality raw materials under strict quality control. The R & D Division is introduction New & innovative products technologies to assist them in being more successful which has made BUILDPLAST® the material in the market. The Company gives technical service at site for best application of its products at optimize customers processes in the lower costs.

Growing from strength to strength we have strived towards quality product management Company So 9001 Certified Company has left an impact in the modern industrial world with high quality & guaranteed products at competitive lower costs.

Every construction project is different & poses specific challenges for our customers there concrete testing laboratory for as type of research & development work. As a result we have developed various products useful to the concrete industry. We develop solutions that manufacture industry. We develop solutions that make future orientation & optimize customer’s processes in lower costs.

 The details of BUILDPLAST® Products are as under :

  • Waterproofing materials.
  • R.M.C. (Ready Mix Concrete admixtures plasticiser & Super plasticiser)
  • Concrete Pump & Pipe Line Primer
  • Concrete admixtures (plasticiser)
  • Super plasticizing admixture (P.C.E based)
  • Super plasticizing admixture ( Sulphonated Naphthalene Polymers based)
  • Curing compound.
  • Repairing compound / Bonding Agents.
  • Crack & Joint filers.
  • Tile fixing Adhesive.
  • Epoxy flooring.
  • Protective / Anti – Corrosive coating products.
  • Mould Release Agents.
  • Cement Block & Paving Tile quick setting admixture.
  • Tile cleaning liquid.
  • Join filler ground.
  • Wall bond coating materials.
  • Waterproofing coating materials.
  • Other materials

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