BUILDPLAST – CONBON Plus Epoxy Adhesive    

High Performance Epoxy Adhesive

BUILDPLAST  CONBON Plus Epoxy Adhesive  used  for  bonding  any  kind  of  tiles over  structurally  sound  metal  or  steel  substrates.  Two  component,  high  strength  epoxy  adhesive for installation of tiles/stone veneers, wood and metals  on  different .  It  is highly suitable for residential or commercial application where area is exposed to high traffic impact.

  • Easy to use.
  • Excellent  quality
  • High strength, shock & impact resistant 
  • Ideal for installation of non porous tiles on non porous substrates.
  • Interior and exterior applications for walls floors.
  • Economical – saves time and money.  



Adjustment timeApprox 30 mins
Pot lifeApprox 45 mins
Shear bond strengthMinimum 2350 PSI
Tensile adhesion strengthMinimum 3000 PSI
Compressive strengthMinimum 11000 PSI
Duration for light foot traffic6 hrs
Duration for normal foot traffic16 hrs
Duration for heavy foot traffic24 hrs
Duration for grouting24 hrs

Take one part of Hardener and two parts of Resin in a clean pail. Mix Resin and Hardener thoroughly. Add required amount of Part C powder slowly to the mixed Resin & Hardener under stirring. Mix by hand or use slow speed drill mixer (150 – 200 RPM speed) to achieve smooth, paste-like consistency. Let the homogeneously mixed adhesive mixture slake or stand 3 -5 minutes, stir again and use. Stir occasionally, but do not add water.

 1 kg  and  5 kg

* Stone Veneers (FRP Based) also called as Stoneers:

Apply  adhesive  to  the  substrate  with  the  flat  side  of  the trowel, pressing firmly to the surface. Comb on additional adhesive  with  the  notched  side.  Use  the  proper  sized notched  trowel  to  insure  full  bedding  of  the  substrates. Spread  as  much  adhesive  as  can  be  covered  with substrates  in  10  minutes.  Bond  substrates  into  wet,  sticky  adhesive  and press  with  rubber  roller  to  imbed  tile /  stone  veneer  and adjust  level.  Check  adhesive  for  complete  coverage  by periodically  removing  a  tile  and  inspecting  bedding adhesive transfer onto back of tile. If adhesive is skinned over (not sticky), remove and replace with fresh adhesive.                                            * Tile / Stone :

BUILDPLAST GOLD Tile  on  Tile  Stone Adhesive  apply  to the substrate with the flat side of the trowel, pressing  firmly  to  work  into  surface.  Comb  on  additional adhesive  with  the  notched  side.  Use  the  proper  sized  notched trowel  to  ensure  full  bedding  of  the  tile.  Spread  as  much adhesive as can be covered with tile in 10 minutes. Place tiles into wet, sticky adhesive and beat in using a beating block and rubber mallet to imbed tile and adjust level. Check adhesive for complete coverage by periodically removing a tile and inspecting bedding adhesive transfer onto back of tile. If  adhesive  is  skinned  over  (not  sticky),  remove  and replace with fresh adhesive.                                                                                                                                                               * Glass Mosaic Tiles :

BUILDPLAST Glass Mosaic Tile Adhesive  shall be applied to the surface to be tiled with a notched trowel using a scraping motion to work the adhesive into good contact with the surface to be covered. Notch trowel with notches approximately 4mm is recommended to get a bed thickness of 1.5-2mm. V-notch of 3mm also can be used to get bed thickness of 1.5mm. Apply only so much that can  be  covered  with  tile  within  10-15  minutes  or  while  the adhesive surface is still tacky. The Glass Mosaic tiles shall then be set in place and beaten gently with mallet or grouting float to insure  100%  full  bedding.  Tiles  shall  be  aligned  to  achieve uniform joints and then allowed to set until firm.  After the tiles are set firm, the face of the sheets of front mounted Glass mosaic tiles shall then be dampened and the face mount paper can be removed.

10 sft per pack of 1 Kg with V notched trowel for a bed of 1.5mm.

(Coverage will vary depending on trowel notch size, type and size of tile and substrate smoothness.)

12 month s shelf life if stored in cool and dry area in unopened containers, protected from sun light.

Light brown

Apply  liberal  amounts  of  clean,  cool  water  to  the  grouted  area. Adding  a  few  drops  of  dishwashing  liquid  to  the  water  will  aid  in clean  up.    work  in  a  circular motion to loosen epoxy film and finish joints smoothly. If necessary add  more  water  to  aid  cleaning.  Clean  film  from  tile  with  a  damp cotton  towel  and  clean  water.  Change  rinsed  water  frequently  to aid cleanup and minimize epoxy residue left behind. Fingertip can be used to smoothen the joints but care to be taken because flush joint may not get while fingering over grouted joints. Final cleaning can be done on similar way after 2 hrs of first cleaning or after the grouts  sets  firmly.  Time  will  vary  depending  upon  substrate  and ambient  temperature.  Do  not  do  final  cleaning  before  the  epoxy joints sets firmly.

Remove  excess  epoxy  by  holding  grout  float  at  70°  to 90° angle and pulling the float diagonally across the grout joints. Removing  as  much  epoxy  as  possible  will  make  final  cleaning easier.  Allow joint to set for approximately 30-45 minutes  or  until they  begin  to  firm.  Time  will  vary  depending  upon  substrate  and ambient temperature. Do not allow epoxy to set on face of tile.

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