BUILDPLAST – Metal Paste Rapid setting Epoxy Gum


A two component, fully solid, rapid setting epoxy gum consists of Part A and Part B in a pre-weighed separate bottles. It is hygienic, stain-free, chemical and acid resistance bonding agent which resist heat up to 100° C after curing. It does not allow bacterial and fungal growth. Once it cures, it gets high abrasion and impact resistant and has very good adhesion on granite, marbles, plastics, plaster and all kind of metals like brass, steel, etc.

  •  Interior and exterior application
  •  Good adhesions to many different materials
  •  Used for rapid bonding between two surfaces
  •  Sets rapidly within 10 minutes
  •  High chemical and acid resistance
  •  Outstanding electrical insulating properties
  •  Germ, bacterial and fungal resistance
  •  Easy maintenance and water cleanable

500grm, 1 kg and 2 kg packings (Including 2 components)

Installation  and  repair  work  of  Kitchen slabs,  Sink,  Granite, Marbles, Plastics, Plaster and all kind of metals like Brass, Steel, etc.

  • Pour 1:1 ratio of part A and part B (equal volume) and mix thoroughly
  • Roughen, clean and dry the surface to be bonded
  • Apply thin layer on both the surface to be bonded
  • Press both surface and clamp overnight or give proper supporting till it sets

TILE, STONE AND METAL SURFACES : Use a wire brush or sand paper to remover rust and scale from the surface to be bonded. Surfaces may be shot blasted or abraded using a wire wheel for best results. All dirt, grease, and old paint should be removed. All clean dry surfaces is essential for the best results. Begin with a sound, clean, dry and roughened, oil-free application surface, as it is essential to the success and performance of this product. Apply the compound to a small, clean test area. Old paint may wrinkle or lift.

12 months, if stored in cool and dry area in unopened containers, protected from sun light.

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