"BUILDPLAST-FH" is a non metallic no oxidising floor hardener which is manufactured by using best quality materials. For heavy and light duty industrial flooring workshops, platforms, etc. BUILDPLAST-FH is very ideal and economical.

It can be used as floor hardener where heavy movement of vehicles, goods, traffic etc takes place.
It has got application in :-
1 . Industrial floors
2. High traffic area.
3. Ware houses.
4. Harbours and loading docks.
5. Manufacturing units.

  • Easy to apply.
  • Economical.
  • Dust proof floor.
  • Good water proofer.
  • Antil slip Floors.
  • Very high abrasion resistance surface.
  • High impact resistance.
  • Hand and strong surface.

Colour             :  Dark gray, green red
Hardness        :  Minimum of 7 on MOH’s scale.
Shelf Life        :  12 months in sealed container.
Storage           :   Store in a cool and dry place.

There should be good base concrete with minimum 300 Kg/m3 cement content. BUILDPLAST-FH should be Applied immediately after initial set. The timing of application of BUILDPLAST-FH on base concrete is very important. The early application will leads to washing out of cement content and late application leads to lower water content with improper hydration and flooring will not attain sufficient strength.
Immediately after initial set 2/3 of BUILDPLAST – FH has to be applied evenly with wooden float and balance 1/3 should be trowel led to give desired finish with the help of not less than 60 Kg weight power trowel. All edges and corners compaction should be done properly.
Isolation joints around columns should be cut 5 mm wide and 40 mm deep. Before making sealing these joints should be cleaned and left open for 28 days. These joints should be circular or diamond shaped and thickness must permit differential movement. Normal concrete curing procedure should be followed for curing the treated area.

Technical services it required will be given at site for the correct use of BUILDPLAST - FH.


Light Traffic : 3.0 Kg,’m2
Medium Traffic : 4.5 Ky/m2
Heavy Traffic : 5.0 Kg/m2
Extra Traffic : 7.0

A abrasion resistance confirms to IS : 1237-1980                                                                  Improves abrasion resistance of concrete by 250% Compressive strength BS :1881. PT 4-1970 class 2. At water contents equivalent to the those contained in practical application the typical 28 days compressive strength of BUILDPLAST – FH cubes in 795 Kg/cm2.

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