Concrete Pump & Pipe Line Primer

EASIER PUMP EASIER PUMP Concrete Pump & Pipe Line Primer Product Description EASIER PUMP Is a unique compound of high performance components. Which offers superlative cost reduction by saving time and protecting pump and pipe line. EASIER PUMP eases hydraulic pressure in the pump and pipe line and optimizes pump capacity EASIER PUMP is environmentally friendly and is not harmful to concrete like chlorides or active air entraining substances and is compatible with all accepted products in the construction and concrete industries.

  • Superior concrete pump capacity.
  • Fast & easy preparation of the primer slurry.
  • Reduces pressure in pumps and pipes.
  • Minimum wear and abrasion of pipes.
  • The risk of stop and block Is reduced to virtually nil.
  • Outstanding time saving and enhanced transport efficiency.

210 gms

  • 1 Pouch of 210gms EASIER PUMP gives 80.100 kr pipe line lubricatingslurry. • It is used in place of sand/ cement slurry made of 100kg cement and 100kg sand.
  • Just add 80-100 IV of clean tap water in the pump hopper add 1 pouch of 210grm. EASIER PUMP to the water and mix for 1 minute. A sticky gel like texture will develop.
  • Allow it to stand for 10-15 minutes. Now remix EASIER PUMP slurry which is ready to be charged in the pipes ahead of the concrete.
    AN ISO 9001-2015 CERTIFIED COMPANY Packing Lic. No. KAR-01/09-10 Best Before 12 Months from the month Mfg.
  • Easy to mix & use.
  • Easy to store on the pump & transit mixer.
  •  Contains no Bentonite, Cement, Soaps or Wax.

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