"BUILDPLAST- GROUT" is a specially prepared premixed cement grout which requires only addition of water. It is a free flowing non shrink grout. The mortar hardens and sets fast and is free from chlorides. It can be used for quick installation work for grouting the base plate and bolt pocket in machine foundations, compressors etc. It is also suitable for sealing leakages in cellars, tunnels, pits. etc.

  • Bed grouting . duct grouting, non shrink, infilling and jointing.
  • Grouting for static and dynamic loads.
  • Grouting for emergency repairs and early cornmlssionlng.
  • Anchoring Of machine base plate, mills, beds. heavy equipments, machinery foundation etc.
  • Concrete anchors. columns in precast construction boiler foundation etc.

  • Non shrink.
  • High early and final strength.
  • Sets within few minutes.
  • Rapid installations.
  • Good workability with less water.
  • Quick repairs of concrete and plaster.
  • Easy to use. Only water to be added.
  • Corrosion free and non toxic.
  • No rusting of reinforcement.
  • Impact and vibration resistance.

Form : Powder
Colour : Grey
Bulk density : Approx 1.5 Kg L before adding water.
Storage : Store in cool , dry place in air tight original packing.
Shelf Life : 6 months stored properly.
Packing : BUILDPLAST GROUT supplied in 1 Kg and 25 Kg bag.

Surface Preparation : Surface to be grouted should be
tree from all loose materials, oil, grease, rust etc. It must
be clean. Wet concrete base surface thoroughly before
grouting. Remove all free water.

Mix water power in the ratio 0.13 (for pourable grout) and 0.15 (for free flowable grout) and stir it with spatula to get a trowelable consistency. The quantity that can be used with in 10 minutes only has to be mixed because after that prepared grout becomes hard. Do not add any water subsequently as it does not help.

Pour immediately the prepared mix in the prepared area as the grout starts hardening after 8-10 minutes. Pour continuously either through holes in base plates or pour from one side only to avoid air pockets. By using rod spread the grout and make compaction. Avoid strong vibrations of any kind for 2-3 Hours after placing BUILDPLAST – GROUT.

Non toxic. But alkaline in nature. Gloves should be used while using the product and any accidental splashes on the eyes or skin should be cleaned with water.

Cure all exposed areas like concrete curing and it is must for 7 days. For all sides provide adequate restraint for at least 7 days for effective shrinkage compensation.

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