BUILDPLAST - EASIER PUMP is  a powder packed in  pre-weighed  pouches to  be  mixed  with  water at site. It is a unique compound of high performance components, which offers superlative cost reductions by saving time and protecting pump and pipe line. EASIER PUMP eases  hydraulic  pressure  in the pump and pipe line and optimizes  pump capacity when using “sticky” concrete mixes. BUILDPLAST - EASIER PUMP is environmentally friendly and is not harmful to concrete,  like chlorides or active air entraining substances, and is compatible with all accepted products in the construction and concrete industries.

BUILDPLAST – EASIER PUMP is most economical and environmentally safe.

  • The concrete pump‘s engine will probably be running during the priming period. Diesel fuel consumption will be minimum 4-6 lit. in 25-30 minutes it takes to prime traditionally. (We all know the time and the fuel consumption will really be more). Calculate  the  cost  of  fuel  consumed  and  compare  it  to  the  cost  of  BUILDPLAST – EASIER PUMP.  Because BUILDPLAST – EASIER PUMP can  be prepared so quickly (5-10 minutes), you save more than the cost of BUILDPLAST – EASIER PUMP in unused fuel. This means BUILDPLAST -EASIER PUMP doesn’t cost you money, it saves you money.
  • A  knowledgeable  operator  and  BUILDPLAST – EASIER PUMP is  a  great  combination.  Operators  dislike  pump  blockages  as much  as you do. Once they understand how well BUILDPLAST – EASIER PUMP works, they will insist on using it every time. Thus, the number of pump blockages will be minimized. The need for fewer expensive elbows and pipe is like money in the bank.
  • Pump  the  tough  jobs. BUILDPLAST – EASIER PUMP used as a pump aid  lets  you do jobs that others  have failed on. When a construction manager sees that you can pump a job that others cannot, you gain a customer.
  • Faster priming means less time on job and more jobs, i.e., more revenue per day.

Increases pump capacity – reduces pressure in concrete pumps and pipes

  • Clean and easy preparation of the primer.
  • In 15 minutes the equivalent primer is ready, as opposed to lugging sacks of sand and cement.
  • Ready-to-use  in  pre-weighed  pouches  of  200  gms.,  which  corresponds  to  the  equivalent  contents  of  100-150  kg.  of cement.
  • Superior concrete pump capacity.
  • Minimizes wear and abrasion of concrete delivery pipes.
  • Outstanding time saving produces enhanced transport efficiency.
  • The risk of “stop” and “block” is reduced to virtually nil.

                 BUILDPLAST – EASIER PUMP dose in pouch of 200 gms. each. In actual working conditions, 80 ltr. slurry formed with one pouch of 200 gms. BUILDPLAST – EASIER PUMP will be sufficient for 80 mtr. long pipe line of 125 mm. diameter.

However  the dosage may vary according to the site conditions  (consumption  may  increase  if  the  pipe  line  has  more bends, unions or vertical transport sections).

1 pouch  of  200  gms.  EASIER PUMP gives  75-80  lit.  pipe  line  lubricating  slurry. BUILDPLAST - EASIER PUMP is used instead of Sand/Cement slurry made of 50 to 150 kg. cement and 50 to 100 kg. sand + 1/2 hour time for preparation of slurry.

 BUILDPLAST - EASIER PUMP is supplied in 200 gms. pouch in bags containing  50 pouches.

Add 75-80 lit. of clean tap water in the hopper. Add 1 pouch of 200 gms. BUILDPLAST – EASIER PUMP to the water and mix for 1 minute. A sticky gel like texture will develop. Allow it to stand for 10-15 minutes. Now remix BUILDPLAST – EASIER PUMP slurry which is ready to be charged in the system ahead of the concrete. If for any reason you are not ready to pump concrete, there is no need to worry. BUILDPLAST – EASIER PUMP slurry can be used even hours after it has been prepared.

BUILDPLAST - EASIER PUMP should be stored in a dry place away from heat and humidity in manufacturer’s sealed pack. Shelf life will be up to 12 months.

BUILDPLAST –  EASIER PUMP is  formulated  from carefully selected  raw  materials and is manufactured  under control conditions to produce a consistent product.

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