"BUILDPLAST-PJS" is a two component flexible rubber sealant consists of a base and curing agent. It is recommended for all critical expansion joints and is superior to all other joint sealing compounds.

  • Easy to apply. Can be applied on concrete, wood, glass, masonry, acrylic etc.
  • Excellent adhesion.
  • Very low shrinkage.
  • Quick curing.
  • Flexible capacity k 225% of width.
  • Unaffected by solvents, lubricating Oils, alkalis, dilute acids etc.
  • Can be applied in vertical ceiling joints also.
  • Service temperature 40’C to 80’C.
  • Very flexible after expansion / contraction recovers to original width.

FormBase and curing agent two component product
ColourBase White. Curing agent black. Mixed Gray
Service Temp.5'C to 45'C
Mixing RatioBase 92 : Curing Agent 8
Curing TimeAt 15'C - 4 weeks, 25'C - 2 Weeks, 35'C- 1 Weeks.
Pot Life2 Hours
Shelflife- Movement12 months in original sealed container.

Technical Service if required will be given at site for correct use of Buildplast - PJS.

BUILDPLAST - PJS iS available in 1 Kg & 4 Kg packs.

It can be applied tor sealing of expansion contraction joints in :
• Basements.                                      • Glazing.
• Subways.                                          • Bridges.
• Structural Cracks.                          • Asbestos Sheets.
• Water retaining structures.          • Roofing etc.

The prepared surface must be clean and dry. The joint should be free from loose materials. grease. dust etc. Thermocoal, Butyl rubber or such other joint filling materials should be used to control the depth Of the sealant and it should be properly tightly packed.

Mix the curing agent with base for 5 to 10 minutes until uniform mix is obtained and apply the prepared mix immediately by gun or putty knife. Make the sealant face smooth immediately.

Quantity in Kgs required is depending upon the width , depth and length of the joints. Normally it can be calculated as 0.0016*W*D*L                                                                                                                                   W = Width of the joint in mm
D Depth of the joint in mm
L Length of the joint in meters
For 12 mm width, 6mm depth quantity required per meter = 0.1152 Kg/mtr.

Highly inflammable and should not be stored near heat or naked flame cleaning the equipment has to be done by using kerosene dipped cloth/brush.

BUILDPLAST primer PJS can be applied for strong Adhesion 15 to 30 minutes after but within 2 hours of primer treatment sealant should be applied on primer treated area.

It can be applied for joints of 5 mm to 50mm width. However the depth of the sealant should be equal to half Of the width but subject to minimum of 6 mm and maximum of 12 mm.

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