"BUILDPLAST - CONCUR is a membrane - torming ready to use emulsion manufactured out of specially selected high quality materials.

BUILDPLAST – CONCUR can be applied on fresh concrete or newly exposed concrete surface to form a temporary membrane which will retain sufficient moisture for effective
curing to take place.

  • For general concreting.
  •  For large areas of concrete such as pavements,
    runway, bridge decks, industrial floors. chimneys,
    towers, canal linings columns & beams, where water
    curing is difficult.

Easy Application : It can be applied easily by using low pressure spray, roller or soft brush.
Safe : It is non-toxic and non-inflammable.
Single Application : Single application forms moisture barrier tor whole of curing period.
Increases Strength : It increases strength upto 12% when compared to water cured concrete.
Good Surface : It minimizes shrinkage. cracks. dusty surfaced and ensures hard wearing good surface.
Economy : No other curing is necessary and gives  protection against solar radiation.

Form : Liquid
Colour : White
Sp Gravity : 0.95 to 0.98
Toxicity : Non- Toxic
Strength : Increases
Thinning : Not required
Drying Time : Approx – 90 min.At 30’C
Shelf Life : One year sealed container
Packing : 30 litres & 220 litres drums.

Technical Services if required will be given at site for correct use ot BUILDPLAST - CONCUR.

BUILDPLAST – CONCUR should be applied by using low- pressure spray, roller or soft brush immediately after the disappearance of water sheen from concrete surface. IT IS IMPORTANT NOT TO APPLY BUILDPLAST – CONCUR WHEN STANDING WATER IS STILL PRESENT ON CONCRETE.

BUILDPLAST – CONCUR is supplied ready for use. Depending on the surface condition BUILDPLAST-
CONCUR one litre will cover 5 to 6 m2.

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