"BUILDPLAST- AEA" is manufactured out of selected high quality materials having properties of water reducing and air entraining agent for concrete and mortar. Standards : Conforms to IS : 9103-1999

“BUILDPLAST –  AEA”  should be used wherever concrete and mortar is being produced and placed.

  • It increases the durability of the concrete and reduction in material cost achieved because of the entrained air.
  • Its plastering action will give an increase in workabihty which enables high water reduction upto 15%.
  • Water reduction in concrete minimizes shrinkages and cracking.
  • Cement economy can be obtained. It increases cohesion and workablity and reduces segregation and bleeding.
  • Greater resistance to spalling and crasing in freez/thaw environments is achieved by incorporating air into the concrete. It improves the properties of fresh concrete.
  • By using in mortar mix. it acts as bonding agent. This enhances workability and gives smooth surface finish. It minimizes cracking in plastering works.
  • It can be used with all type of cement.

Form                        :   Liquid single component

Sp – Gravity            :    1.08+0.02 @ 30’C

Colour                      :    Brown

Chloride                   :    Less than 1%

Nitrate Content      :    NIL

Air Entertainment   :    Tested as per IS : 1199 : 1959

BUILDPLAST – AEA is supplied ready for use. The measured quantity of BUILDPLAST-AEA should be added directly into the mixing water. However, on NO ACCOUNT IT SHOULD BE ADDED TO THE DRY CEMENT.

The rate of addition is 15% dosage of 50 – 100 ml of BUILDPLAST-AEA per 50 Kg of cement.

Technical Services if required will be given at site for the correct use of "BUILDPLAST-AEA".

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