"BUILDPLAST - 100 QC" is high quality liquid concrete additive made Out of best materials. It is used as a quick setting agent and acts as setting accelerator and increases the strength.

“BUILDPLAST – 100 QC” can be used for concrete work in water jetting areas requiring quick setting of concrete.

  Raft foundation works.


  Machinery foundation works.


Ouick setting : Good quality cement when mixed with BUILDPLAST – 100 QC the concrete sets quickly.
It will give the following results.
Initial set 10 minutes
Final set 20 minutes.
Compressive Strength : Increased compressive strength upto 20% obtained and density of the concrete is also improves.
Economy in Cement: Higher strength is obtained at a lower cement content.
Cohension/segregation : By dispersing the cement particles it increases cohension which prevent segregation and formation of gravel nets, It act as a bonding agent. Due to prevention Of segregation and good bonding properties, the concrete sets quickly and minimizes bleeding of cement.
Corrosion Free : It is a chloride free concrete admixture and using of the same prevents corrosion of steel.
Compatibility : It can be used with all types of Portland cement.

BUILDPLAST – 100 QC is supplied ready for use. It should be added directly into the mixing water. However, on NO ACCOUNT IT SHOULD BE ADDED TO THE DRY CEMENT.

The rate of addition with water reduction upto 10% in concrete is 1000 – 2000 ml / 50 Kg cement.

Technical Services if required will be given at site for correct use of BUILDPLAST 100 QC.

It stored in sealed containers at normal ambient temperature, a shelf life of approximately 12 months could be expected.

BUILDPLAST - 100 QC is a available in 5 litres, 10 litres, 20 litres, 35 litres, and 225 litres.

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