( Paver coating  transparent acrylic lacquer / polish )

BUILDPLAST -  100 P  is lacquer top coat is a transparent acrylic lacquer / polish or coating for precast concrete blocks.  Block paving lacquer is used to provide a smooth and shiny finish on block pavers. Paver coating lacquer penetrates in to the micro pores of the concrete pavers, resulting in sealing the micro pores and not allowing dust and water to penetrate and  increasing long life of pavers. Thus paver coating lacquer acts as a barrier on porous surfaces and also gives a smooth shiny look to the surface applied.

  • Precast Concrete Items
  • Stone cladded wall
  • Concrete Tiles
  • Cement Concrete Tiles
  • Machine Pressed Concrete Blocks                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Benifits of uses : 
  • Paver coating lacquer acts as a sealant on concrete porous block paver.
  • Paver coating lacquer gives smooth shiny surface.
  • Paver coating lacquer enhances life of block paver by creating barrier to water and dust.


  • With a spray gun / sponge on dry and dust free surface
  • Upon drying apply second coat if needed
  • Lacquer  coat  covers an area of 75 to 80 sq.ft approx in 1 litre

BUILDPLAST -  100 P  lacquer can be stored for a period of one year with tight lid, should not store in open sunlight.

  • Highly Flammable – flash point 25 deg c so keep away from ignition, children , and food stuff.
  • Due to high evaporation rate ensure to close the lid of container. Don’t Keep lacquer coating chemical unused for long time in open air.

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