"BUILDPLAST XL COAT" is a SINGLE component coating material manufactured by using high quality selective materials. It is a ready to use single component coating for waterproofing and anti corrosion application.

It can be applied for all areas where problems of corrosion and waterproofing occurs. It can be used for roofs,
terraces, basements, walls, bathrooms. warehouse, hospital, wind mills. vehicle undercoating, food and chemical processing plants, breweries, sewage/effluent tanks, cooling towers, ships, drilling rigs, oft shore structures, land based steel structures 0t all types swimming pool, portable water tanks, etc.

Single component coating.

  • Easy to apply.
  • Economical.
  • Resistant to most dilute acids, alkalies, Salts,oxidising agents, mineral oils, moisture, fungus growth
  • Adheres to most new or old substrata Eg. Concrete, masonry, bricks metal, wood, plastics etc.
  • Produces tough flexible film which is extremely impermeable there by minimizes diffusion of oxygen,
    water and salts.
  • With Stands temperature from – 20’C to 75’C.
  • Fast drying. Surface dries in 15 minutes.
  • Anti corrosive coating.
  • Good waterproofer.
  • Resistance to sunlight.
  • No primer required.
  • Non toxic.

Colour added   :  Off white colour. Stainer may be for obtaining required colour.
Form                  :  Single component liquid.
Drying time      :  15 minutes.
Curing time      :  7 days for complete cure time to hard Film.
Storage             :  Shelf life 3 months it kept in cool and dry place not exceeding 30′ C.

Surface to be treated must be dry, free from rust, dust, grease, oil and all loose materials. Surface must be clean and dry.

Technical Services if required will be given at site for correct use of BUILDPLAST XL COAT.

Stir well before use : Apply coating by brush. If second coat is required it may be applied once the first coat surface becomes dry. BUILDPLAST – XL COAT dries very fast.

1 litre covers 5 sq. mtr. to 6 sq.mtr. single coating 100 micron thickness on relatively smooth surface.

Store in a cool do place. Close lid firmly after use. During application in enclosed places use goggles and allow good circulation of air.

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