"BUILDPLAST - MORBON" is a modified acrylic based emulsion which can be applied as a bonding agent for concrete to mortar and also cement modifier for repair works. It is resistant to hydrolysis and can therefore be used for external applications.

“BUILDPLAST – MORBON” can be used as primer tor bonding of concrete
to plaster and also can be used for modified concrete/mortar.

  • Easy to use.
  • Economical.
  • Single Component.
  • High adhesion-Excellent bond to concrete. masonry,stonework, plaster and block board.
  • Increased tensile and flexural properties of the mortar.
  • Compatible with all common hydraulic cements.
  • Increased compressive strength.

Form Liquid
ColourWhite emulsion
Solid ContentMinimum 43%
CompatibleWith all common hydraulic cement.
Flash point48'C
Storage6 months at 30'C and should be protected from frost.
FlammabilityNon flammable.
Application TemperatureMin 10'C

Surface preparation :
A) As a bonding agent for concrete to plaster :

Concrete surface must be thoroughly cleaned. All dust, oil, grease and other loose   materials should be removed. The efficiency of bonding depends on surface preparation , Surface prepared must be  clean and rough without which good performance Of the bonding is not possible.

B) For concrete repairs :

Any reinforcing steel in the repair area should be opened and all rust and loose materials should be removed. Apply BUILDPLAST-ACT primer tor steel.

C) For mortar repairs :

The area to be treated should be clean and free from all loose materials. Prime all  surfaces including edges by using BUILDPLAST – MORBON.

Technical Services if required will be given at site for correct use of BUILDPLAST- MORBON.

"BUILDPLAST MORBON" should be protected from frost. Shelflife is 6 months at 30'C in closed container.

1 ltr, 5 ltr, 10 ltr, 35 ltr. Can.

As a Bonding Agent for concrete as to plaster, “BUILDPLAST – MORBON” has to be applied on damp concrete surface by brush and mortar should be applied whilst the primer is still tacky. A satisfactory bond can be achieved upto 15 minutes after
application at 30′ C.

1 ltr. BUILDPLAST – MORBON will cover an area ot 6 to 8 sq. mtr. depending upon the surface.

Mechanical Characteristics : Typical improvement in mechanical properties of a 3:1 sand/cement mortar using “BUILDPLAST – MORBON” is a as follows.

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