"BUILDPLAST - MAISTRY" is a single component modified acrylic base semi liquid flexible UV resistant water seal chemical and when it is used over roof surface a flexible UV resistant electromenic joint free monolithic membrane will be formed.

“BUILDPLAST – MAISTRY” can be applied over building, roof terrace, potable water tanks, swimming pools, basements, bathrooms, toilets, food and chemical plants, walls etc.

The benefits of “BUILDPLAST –  MAISTRY” are

  • Easy to use. Single component and can be applied easily.
  • Non toxic and odour free.
  • Very Economical. No wastage and gives joint free/seamless membrane.
  • Strong Bonding. Bonds strongly to concrete. asbestos,Puform, GI Sheet etc.
  • Ultra Violet resistant and good insulation.
  • Flexible and elastomeric membrane and microporos allowed breathing.
  • Seals the water and highly durable in contact with the water.
  • Can be used for old and new building works.
  • Forms hard. tough and abrasion resistant coating.
  • Joint free membrane.

Colour                  :  White, Grey, and other colours .
Form                    :  semi Liquid paste.
Specific Gravity  :  1.30 at 250C
Tear Strength     :  245 Kg/Cm
Adhesion             :  15 Kg/Cm2
Solid Content     :  65% min
Curing                 :  Touch Dry : 60 Minutes
Completely Dry :  4-6 Hours,
Toxicity               :  Non Toxic.
Area Coverage   :  30 – 40 Sq. ft per coat per Kg.
Shelf Life            :  One year in properly packed sealed container.
packing               :  5 Kgs, 10 Kgs, and 20 Kgs.

Treat the prepared surface with BUILDPLAST – MAISTRY primer by diluting 1:1 with water. After surface priming, apply BUILDPLAST – MAISTRY by brush/roller/spray. After first coat, allow 24 hours time for second coat application. The first and second coating should be done on horizontal and vertical basis. The coating thickness up to 1 mm for each coat and a minimum of two coats are required. Drying time is minimum of 4 hours depending upon atmospheric conditions.

Note : For better flexibility before coating a thin non woven fabric can be used over primer application.

Technical Services if required will be given at site for the correct use of Buildplast - Maistry.

Surface to be treated must be thoroughly cleaned. All dust, oil. grease, loose materials and foreign particles should be removed. In case of concrete surface, after sand blasting, if fresh surface is not obtained then chemical cleaning may be done followed by jet washing by clean water and subsequent drying, preferably by hot air. Fill all surface cracks by using BUILDPLAST-CF property. And no cracks should be left out. In case of metal surface remove all dust and rust and give one of anti-corrosion primer. The efficiency of coating mainly depends of surface preparation. Prepared surface must be clean, hard, rough crack free and dry without which good performance of the coating is not possible.

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