"BUILDPLAST -150" is a new technology liquid admixture manufactured out of specially selected high quality polymers having the properties of super Plasticiser with high range water reducer and cement waterproofer for concrete and plaster. STANDARDS : IS : 2645-2003

“BUILDPLAST -150” can be used in watertight concrete and plastering works.

• Roof concreting and plastering of Residential, Commercial and Industrial buildings.

• Underground. Basements, Foundation, Water tank, Swimming pools concrete and plastering works.

• Sunken toilets, Bathrooms and external plastering works.

• Concrete and Plastering of all other water retaining structures.

• Improved Workability : Increase the slump, concrete/ plaster flows more easily. It facilitates the placing of   mix with harsh aggregates and requires little vibration to achieve optimum compaction.

• Compressive Strength / Density : An increase in compressive strength upto 20% is obtained due to lower water content and density of the concrete is also improved.

• Economy in cement : Strength specification and workability can be obtained at lower cement content.

• Excellent Waterproofer : Ensures water tightness of concrete and plaster against water head.

• Cohesion / Segregation : By dispersing the cement particles it increases cohesion which prevents segregation and formation of gravel nests. It produces uniform close textured surface without sand or voids.

• Durability & Surface finish : Due to very significant water reductions which minimises shrinkage or cracking and thereby produces close and textured impervious concrete. This makes the concrete more durable, gives good surface finish.

• Permeability : Reduced water/cement ratio increases density and protects against water migration.

• Compatlabllity : It can be used with all types of cement.

Form : Liquid
Sp-Gravity : 1.16 to 1.18
Colour : Dark Brown
Setting Time : No Change
Chloride : Less than 1%
Toxicity : Non Toxic
Strength : Increases
Shelf life : One year in sealed container
Packing : 125ml, 500ml, 1 litre, 2.5ltrs, 5ltrs, 10ltrs, 20ltrs, 35ltrs, 50ltrs, 100ltrs, 215ltrs.

BUILD PLAST-150 is supplied ready for use. The measured quantity should be added directly into the mixing water. However, on NO ACCOUNT IT SHOULD BE ADDED TO THE DRY CEMENT.

The rate of addition with water reduction upto 10%.
In concrete – 125-150 mV50 Kg cement,
In plaster – 150-200 m1150 Kg cement.
Mixing extra water for the concrete/mortar will adversely affect all efforts of waterproofing.

Technical services if required will be given at site for correct use of BUILDPLAST - 150

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