"BUILDPLAST" is manufactured out of high quality material having the property of waterproofing for concrete and plaster works. STANDARDS : IS : 2645-2003

“BUILDPLAST” can be used in root concrete and plastering of residential, commercial and industrial
buildings. It can be used in all water retaining structures, basements, foundations, sunken toilets, bathrooms etc. It has application wherever cement concrete and plaster is being produced and placed.

  • Excellent Waterproof.
  • Corrosion free-Chloride content is negligible. It avoids corrosion of steels.
  • Compatibility with cement – can be used with all types Of cement.

Form                 : Power
Colour              : White
Chloride           : Less than 1%
Toxicity            : Non-Toxic
Setting Time   : No changes
Shelf life          : One year in sealed container
Packing            : 1Kg.

For normal concrete and plaster mixes use 1 Kg of BUILDPLAST for each 50 Kg bag Of cement.

Add the measured quantity of sand/aggregates and mix continuously. Add the cement and sprinkle in the correct quantity of BUILDPLAST at the same time. Mix the dry materials until an even colour is obtained. Add the normal measured quantity of water and mix as usual.

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